Ok guys, i have a question about a pedal that might not exist :p

I was reading about the boss ME 50, and it said you could plug it right into a PA system, i also think it said you could plug in a microphone in the pedal etc

So I was thinking, is it possible to use the pedal between my guitar and amp, while using the pedal also for connecting a microphone with my PA system (like a pre-amp for mic). And if so, doesn't the pedal suck up your microphone sound if you're using effects for your guitar...?

So actually, my question is: is there a pedal out there with the following mods:
-Very decent effects (clean, wah-wah, overdrive, distortion, delays, fuzz, reverbs,flanger,...)
-Enable to record guitar on computer without buying extra software/cables
-Use it as guitar pedal (between guitar and amp), while using it as a pre-amp (between microphone and a PA system)

Also, would this be the best choice? I know single pedals are better (sound-wise) then a multi-effect pedal for your guitar. But it seems a nice way to give my microphone some more volume (atm im plugging in my microphone directly in my PA, but it really needs some sort of pre-amp cuz we barely hear the vocals when we're playing songs) So a 2nd question I have, is there another sort of pedal for your mic (not for effects, but to increase volume mainly, the speakers from our PA are really nice so that isnt the problem) And is this more efficient then buying 1 multi-effect (if there is any)

Also, atm i dont have a lot of guitar pedals yet, but im planning on buying some (ive done weekend-work the past 8 months so i have some money to spend). But 1 multi-effect pedal to sort out both my guitar and mic seems quite nice aswell!

I hope you guys understand my problem here :P
And thanks in advance!