Poll: Is it wrong it strange to go to a concert or the movies alone?
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View poll results: Is it wrong it strange to go to a concert or the movies alone?
Yes, completely.
24 14%
No, not at all.
134 79%
I can't answer, I'm watching Sex And The City, alone lolololololol!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!!11!!!!
12 7%
Voters: 170.
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I just saw done guy on tv at a movie all by himself, and it reminded me of when I was at a music festival this year and I seperated from my friends and checked a few bands alone.
What are the pit's views on this? Has anyone ever gone to a concert or movie alone and would it have been better with more people?

Uh, go?

(Poll should say 'wrong or strange'. I'm on my damn phone with crappy predictive text.)
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I prefer seeing films by myself, other people being there just annoy me. Their being there prevents me from giving the film my full attention, for some reason. Especially if it's a comedy and they're not laughing, that can ruin it. I once watched an episode of Father Ted with a couple of people who like films like fucking Anchorman and White Chicks, it was excruciating.

Music's probably better with friends though, although it's not bad alone.
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Going to shows alone can be great. Just you and the music, no social situations to distract you. I also love the freedom of being seperated from your friends at a festival.

I wouldn't go see a film alone though.
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About the poll, If the third option is 'I can't answer, I'm watching Sex And The City, alone lolololololol!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!!11!!!!' How can people choose it?
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I generally lose everyone at some point in festivals, it's awesome. Especially in Glastonbury where there isn't a main arena type thing and there is a shit load going on
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I go to gigs alone all the time, if I don't know anyone else who likes the band. It can get a little boring waiting for them to come on, but once they're playing it doesn't matter.
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I go to movies alone, mainly because my friends are tools and usually don't like the kind of movies I'd see anyway. I haven't been to a gig alone, yet.

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i don't t see the problem going alone to shows you usually find some fun people to hang whit and talk BS whit.
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It is strange in so far as nobody really does it, but I wouldn't say it's wrong or that it'd be no fun.
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I've gone to gigs alone before. I don't think I'd feel comfortable going to the cinema alone, unless it was a really small indie cinema.
I almost always try to seperate from my friends at gigs, if I go with other people at all. A weird side of me comes out at concerts and I have to protect them from it

Going to the cinema alone is weird tho, although I have done it.
Ive been to a few gigs on my own when i had noone to go with bcus none of my friends were big fans... at festivals im on my own a lot of the time, im never going to go see a band my friend wants to see over a band i want to see.

I'll normally agree to meet up with people throughout the day when theres a band we both want to see, apart from that i go to festivals for the music so why would i miss on bands i want to see.
I don't mind it since I usually do these to get away from people I'm otherwise with all the time. If I go to a concert with someone they usually stop me from enjoying the music by making inane comments all the time and if it's a movie I really want to see, I don't mind going by myself.
I go to gigs with friends, but we end up in different parts of the crowd anyway. I've never been to a movie theater alone though, it's always been a social thing for me. Sure I'll watch movies at home by myself.
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I've been to Soundwave in Adelaide on my own once, had the time of my life. Met The Dudesons and Hi-5ed the Dirty Sanchez crew :five;

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I wouldn't go to a movie alone, that's a bit too loserish for my taste, but I would go to a concert alone. Most of my friends have shit taste in music, so I can see that happening. I've only gone with a friend to a concert once, because she like a bit of good music. Usually I'm with my brother at concerts (few times with my mom) partly because we have very similar music tastes and partly because my dad's convinced that I'll get raped or something and thinks my brother needs to protect me. But in August my brother can't go so I'm going to American Carnage alone .
Not at all! It can actually be loads of fun at concerts on your own. Last year I went to Enter Shikari with 4 mates, and I got separated from them for the last act, Enter Shikari. All I did was roam around the mosh pit having an awesome time, and making friends by just singing loudly. Also, I had just had my head shaved, so I looked completely different to all the scene kids there, and quite intimidating. I pushed one guy into the mosh pit, he turned round, fists up, and I just stared at him, trying to look as intimidating as I could for a 5'2 guy, and he soon backed off. Really funny.

You can have a great time on your own on some occasions, but still, nothing beats hanging out with other people that you get on with really well, and will have a good hearty laugh with.
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About the poll, If the third option is 'I can't answer, I'm watching Sex And The City, alone lolololololol!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!!11!!!!' How can people choose it?

apparently 5

um going to a concert maybe not depending on if you just want to listen to the music, but like the movie's i personally like having company when i do things like that. i wouldn't go to a movie solo though, it'd feel weird
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I go there for the movie/concert. It would always be either a little or a lot better to have friends with me, but it shouldn't stop me from attending it at all. I went to see Mr. Big reunion tour alone, and it was still about as amazing as it would have been with a few extra friends. Even with friends around me, I hardly pay attention to them anyway. I'm almost always focusing on the performance for me and myself only. But of course, company is great, so you can do some interactive activities together and talk about the experience together. I went to see Ong Bak 2 alone, and it's probably better that way, since my friends wouldn't appreciate the martial art choreography and scenery and be disappointed with the shitty movie that it is, awesome action aside.
i misunderstood the thread to be about if it feels wierd to go alone. to which i answered yes. especially movies. especially espacially comedies.
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I prefer both with friends. I do watch movies on my own at home though, but not in the cinema, I think that should be a social thing. A concert on my own? Never tried it. Probably never will. I always go with mah friendz and we always have a good time.
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I go alone to movies, don't see a problem with that. There are no distractions between me and admiring the film.

Depends at shows. Sometimes its great to be with a good group of people, sometimes its not.
I take pictures of concerts for my local newspaper, so I'm in the pit by myself, but surrounded by other asshole photographers who could care less about the music :/
It's less fun as going with friends obviously but I've went to a few concerts by myself because we don't all like the same bands and I thought it was worth it to go by myself!
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I've been to Soundwave in Adelaide on my own once, had the time of my life. Met The Dudesons and Hi-5ed the Dirty Sanchez crew :five;

Haha, that was what I did, but this year.
The only plus for me was that I got to the front of Sunny Day Real Estate. None of my friends would have wanted to see them if I stayed with them.
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I wouldn't go alone unless I really couldn't find someone to go with me.

I like going to stuff like that with my friends. It makes it more fun. Especially concerts.

If I really want to see a movie, but nobody wants to go, I can always just wait until it is released on dvd.

Concerts are different. Obviously you only have one chance to see it, so going alone isn't really a bad option. Plus you don't exactly hang out with friends there. It's just a huge crowd of people. Not having a friend there isn't a problem really.
It's all good as far as going to a show, but I think going to a movie alone is just a little sad.
I much prefer going to concerts with friends but sadly they don't like a lot of the music I do. So have to go alone. Saw Smashing Pumpkins on my own a few years ago, really awesome concert and their first time in Northern Ireland for years so wouldn't want to miss it.

Going to see Pearl Jam on my own as my friends are only casual fans and didn't want to pay so much for a ticket.
I'd totally go to a concert by myself. I don't like a lot of the bands people I hangout with do, so if Billy Joel or Elton John was in town I would go alone, no questions asked.
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I usually do everything by myself. Although the one concert I've been to was with people and I don't like going to movie cinemas anyway.
not at all.

friends are great for before and after the show, but during the 80% of the experience, when the music is playing, it is the same whether with a friend or not.

Although, sometimes it's fun to get really drunk and give a friend a boost so they can crowd surf...
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