So here's a song that me and a friend of mine worked on for a while, we think it's pretty good, and we wanna hear some opinions about it! C4C ofcourse : )
Song #1.mid
Song #1.gp5
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It's pretty good for a generic metal song! I sense heavy Amon Amarth influence?
Quote by Carl_Berg
It's pretty good for a generic metal song! I sense heavy Amon Amarth influence?

I lol'd: I only heard of that band by name, maybe this is the time! Any stuff you think i should change or ...?
I don't have the time right now to look at it more deeply, but I didn't find anything that I would change in particular...
The solo reminds me of trivium, anyway nice song
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This is great. It's got melody, groove AND punch. Some people might say that the solo drags on too long, but I don't have any problem with it. I actually like the way the first half is based on natural minor, and the second half on harmonic minor. The only problem I have with the song really is after the solo. I think instead of doing a new riff, you should repeat an earlier riff, maybe the one from bars 26-33, to tie it all together.

It's nothing like this brand of metal but could you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1311400

I swear the solo was exactly the same backing as 'Like Light to Flies' by Trivium
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Generic? Yes... but it's well constructed and pleasing to the ears. The flow is great but a little too predictable for my taste... you could spice the song up with some phrasing changes to the rhythm and there is a some great opportunities for more simple note variation from bars 50-65.

Overall a well put together song. 7.5/10

For some reason the solo is way too soft, but you can adjust it yourself in the GP file soo... I love how people see stuff in this song that i didn't even see myself :p
For being generic it still was a very solid song.

The good: Though structurally simple, the delivery was still hard and heavy. The song may have lacked any melodic or harmonic variation, but the rhythmic variations were all very well placed to keep the listener interested. The ending was pretty solid for me too.

The Bad: The solo was a bit dull. You used that same harmonic minor scale for the entire thing, so it got tiring to hear the same notes being played over and over. However, it was phrased pretty well.

Pretty good song, 8/10
I personally liked the solo. I don't listen to Trivium, so I wouldn't know whether or not this solo and theirs are alike.

At measure 17 I think you should keep the riff going instead of just stopping in the middle of the measure. I also think you should palm mute all the lone notes.

Also, in my opinion, no pauses after long notes in solos unless the solo is done.

Other than that, a pretty good song.
I'd appreciate a C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1315336

Good luck with the tune.
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