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More details & images:

I'm not a dealer or anything...I just have the guitar buying disease!
And this means I have to move my oldies...to make room for the new ones.

But right now, I have an Original 1973 USA Fender Strat.
This guitar is an original vintage blond stratocaster. It sound absolutely fantastic
in original spec, awesome vintage Hendrix Vibe...As seen in the photos, I have replaced
the pickups and pick guard with some Seymour Duncan Pups, for a more modern
sound. The original pups and pick guard comes with the guitar. Also not shown
in the photos (from the web page) the original bridge comes with this strat... I replaced it with a Wilkinson
bridge. Pick guards, bridges etc, have been swapped over by a professional
technician, utilizing all original screw holes/cavity's.
Can supply more photos if necessary.

Asking $6500. Recent Value...much higher than this. Offers Welcome.

Any questions, please do not hesitate.

More photos at:

Ship Guitar world wide for Free!
Guitar is at Melbourne, Australia.

email: sikaudio@live.com.au

insert something witty or thought provoking here.
ur silly to replace this for new ones...

If anything, keep this and get rid of the new ones.
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Quote by julzius
ur silly to replace this for new ones...

If anything, keep this and get rid of the new ones.

agreed and for the love of all that is holy, why would you swap out the original pickups?!
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