I was looking for some alternative/indie band, but the posts I find, the possible futeure bandleaders didn't seem to care much about them, so I decided to make my own. I'll need a rhytm guitarrist with some skills on lead guitar (I'm the inverse, I'm a lead guitarrist with some skills on rhytm), a drumer, and a bassist, if you can also do some vocals I'll be happy too. The main influences of the band are: Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Dirty pretty things, Babyshambles, The last shadow puppets, also I a little influence of punk bands like Green Day, in special Dookie album.

Mine Skills:
Voice: possibile tenor, very look alike alex kapranos, I can do falsetto without any problem, for more informations check my other band profile on my signature.
Guitar: I like too much acoustics, but there's nothing wrong on using a eletric as well, don't know much about power chords, like to do modfications on mine guitar.
Keyboard:Classical player with some influences of popular songs, like mixing Chopin with Coldplay.
Songwriting: Better in lyrics than in melody, Pete Doherty influenced writing style, I like to talk most about love.

PS.: You don't need a very good mic to be accepted in band
I'm listening .

I have an amature recording studio, if you can tab guitar pro, I can get drums and such.
I'm mostly a vocalist, at the moment I'm playing in a hardcore band, however i've a love for acoustic rock. Some of my favourate bands are - The Wombats and Bloc Party.

I'm Australian but a lot of people think I'm English when I sing/talk, which is helpful for indie.

Instrumentally, I can play guitar and bass, as well as a bit of keyboard/synth. Generally with synth I use samples because it's a lot tighter recorded.

As for song writting, I feel I'm very capable, especially when it's colab, I work with other vocalists/instrumentalists very well.

caution_v2@live.com.au if you want to talk further.
I'm definitly in for that one
I can play guitar and I can sing (kind of)

Sent you a PM
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