Hey UG, i'm looking to create a footboard controller similar to the foot switch controllers found on most guitar heads, and i want to to be able to contol a series of effects pedals. I will be using it live, and with our stage show, having a pedal board in front of me isn't an option. I also need it to be able to activate multiple pedals simultaneously if need be

Any ideas how i accomplish that?
this could be quite easy to do, depending on what exactly you are trying to do. it sounds like a simple loop (or couple of them) might be an option. it would basicly just be putting a pedal/group of pedals in a preset sort of "patch" and using a footswitch to control that patch. however, you couldnt have the same pedals in multiple patches.

you could do things like having a couple patches that could be activated with their own switches, so you could combine them or use them alone. you could also have 2 main patches with one switch to go between them. or you could combine that, so you have 2 main patches and then a couple other patches that are separate.

basicly you would just set up some relays to control the loop, and then have have a cable to a board. board has switches that complete a ground path for the relay coils, so the relays will close.

you could also buy a MIDI controller and use that to control a patch bay. does the same type of thing, but you can do a lot more. way more versitile, but would also be a lot more expensive.