Ok guys im angry because my bro dropped my Gibson LP traditional and the headstock got broken into pieces.Im looking at buying a new guitar at the same price of my old lp.The traditional was great for playing but the problem with it was that it was kinda heavy.Any suggestions for a new guitar?
So you liked the shape of your guitar? What style are you playing? What pickups do you prefer?

Get a chambered Les Paul if it was too heavy for you, or look into an ESP Eclipse.
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have it fixed?

but if you just dont want the guitar any more then i guess a new one. any guitar? or les paul shaped?

first thing off my head is a PRS single cut. those are BEAUTIFUL guitars that are a lot more craceful than le pauls tihnner, and more rounded. streamlined. you could try to get one used

or perhaps go with a SE single cut and upgrade everything on it to your liking. if you wanted to throw 400 into it you could upgrade tuners (if you saw fit), tone pros bridge, pickups, and possibly some cool wiring/switching options. strap locks. some form of compensated nut like an earvana.

stuff like that. you would probably have an amazing players guitar.

note: im slowly learning that small, custom tweaks make a guitar sooooo much better than just buying a more expensive guitar and assuming its better for unknown reasons. smll things can matter.
PRS definetly... I don't think they're that much heavier than a stratocaster, so way lighter than a real LP. Tell me this picture doesn't make you fall in love!