Currently i have learned the fretboard pretty well, now i'm doing the (caged) major scales + calling out every note i play within that scale, and i'm working on the harmonized major scale to know where all the chords go.

I dont want to learn too much shapes/patterns, i'd rather know the formula and build my scale/chord from there. So after doing the Major Scale i think it would be a good idea to do some pentatonics..? And after that, where should i go?

My goal is to be able to play my own songs on guitar in a pretty decent way, solo over my songs etc. Right now i play the piano pretty well, but i love guitar wayyyy more:P
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I see this question so much..truthfully there is no clear answer.

You could study up on the modes a little. Or you spend some time building up your physical skill through speed building and precision practice. You could also spend time building and working with different chords. The possibilities are almost endless

To help decide you may want to think about where you want to be. By that I mean where do you want to go with your playing.