hey..what should i get to make a good neo-classical shredding and sweeping arpeggios gear ???

note: i have the following

guitar: Jackson dinky dk2m

amp: marshall mg50dfx

pedals: boss(ds-1 , ns-2 ,ch-1 and dd3)

and.. should i get an overdrive pedal or just still use my amp's overdrive ?? please help me guys
basically a good chorus and a decent amp.

So probably not the MG, sorry. You'll want to use an amp with better distortion. A pedal won't really help by itself. Pedals are more for making good things better rather than making not-so-good things amazing, you dig?

EDIT: oh and most importantly, you need to know how to shred first
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The two guys above are right.
Get rid of the Marshall MG, and get a good amp.
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Peavey JSX is a good one if you don't mind the price.
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Quote by zack4x
ok i got it , so what amp do u recommend me to use guys ???

We need your location and price range to recommend stuff.
apparentally i don't have the money for that peavey :S my money range between
Peavey 6505+ 112

Great amp for neoclassical

Very hi gain
while your at it get a good setup done on your guitar as with things like shredding a good action will make a world of difference.

and yes get rid of the MG.
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try to find a marshall jcm 900 combo, you dont need a lot of gain for neo classical. 6505 is way too harsh for neo classical. you'd want something with a smooth british overdriven tone, with an overdrive pedal in the front.
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+1 on the good set up and +1 to NOT going for the 6505.

Some kind of marshall probably, however I've recently seen a bunch of shred types using things like engl so maybe have a look at them?
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Quote by carlosyugui
Peavey JSX is a good one if you don't mind the price.

they are very smooth and have a decent amount of gain on tap.
you can get a jsx,xxx, or ultra (all the same amp just newer revisions, the ultra being the oldest and jsx being the newest) on ebay for a good price. got my ultra 112 on ebay for about 500.
Quote by zack4x
ok i got it , so what amp do u recommend me to use guys ???

Krank. Or a good tube Marshall. Peavy JSX or 6505.
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See if you can get a used JCM 800 or 900. An overdrive pedal will be helpful to boost the 800 into neoclassical if it's a 2203 or 2204; the 2205 or 2210 probably won't need an OD.
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