I'm planning on getting a Peavey Zodiac BXP bass. And I want a tone like the Rust In Peace and Countdown to Extinction remastered editions (I like the tone in the bass better than the original version there), or Among the Living (I use a 1.00 mm Tortex pick).

What should I look for in an amp? And what amp would you recommend me so that it isn't extremely expensive and would work as a practice amp and club gig amp?

Something nice and transparent will do you well.

Have a look at Acoustic and Hartke.

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I dunno, I guess around the price of the Peavey Zodiac itself which would be $380... So my budget would be up to $400. But up to $300 would be my ideal price. So feel free to recommend me amps that fit in whichever of those 2 categories.
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If you go new, then the Acoustic B200 combo will give you the most wattage for your buck. And your going to need that power if you plan on gigging.

Would you consider going used? There are lots of great amps floating around eBay and craigslist. Used old Peaveys are a steal, and you might even find some SWR, GK, and/or Kustom stuff going for cheap prices.
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Yeah I would consider used but I'd have to be certain its in a very good condition... Otherwise I wouldn't take a chance.