Reminded me of Jack Johnson. You've got some good stuff, my only critique would be to maybe put the vocals more ahead of the guitar in the mix, like in Picture in Stone. It sounds like it should be more noticed and punchier.

Overall I liked what I heard.
Hey man, cheers for the comments!
I'm digging your stuff, reminds me a bit of Alexi Murdoch.
Mum's pretty wicked too, got a sort of chilled John Butler meets Going to California vibe.
Keep it up and pm me if you record any more
Meh, my browser won't let me listen to any of your music online. I'll download it tonight and give you some feedback tomorrow once I've given it a listen.


EDIT: I like the style, but there're a few things I think could be improved a bit. Here're a few things I noticed...

1. Ambient/background noise. I realize there's not much you can do to reduce it or get rid of it, but be mindful of the signal-to-noise ratio.

2. For this style of music, I agree that the vocals might need to be pushed up a little in the mix.

3. No offense meant at all, but I think that your vocals right now are a little shaky. The tone is great, but you're having some intonation/pitch problems. Practice singing every day, and you'll get more and more comfortable with using your voice.

Say Anything almost sounded like an Elliott Smith song. If you'd shown it to me without telling me it was you, I would've guessed that it was an unreleased Elliott Smith song that I somehow hadn't gotten ahold of.

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thats awesome man keep it up
thanks for the comments on my band, much appreciated
brilliant music
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no i dont take it as an insult, thanks man i really appreciate the feedback! and pink floyds pretty sweet. i dig it
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Wow sounds really good man. Loving that instrumental!
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Good stuff dude. I really like "Mum", it's simple songs like that that I enjoy listening to the most. Keep it up man!
so some new material has just been added!
i would very much appreciate some feedback. any and all criticism is good!