I like it a lot! It's a professional sounding song. It's rockin and there's plenty of hooks. Reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys or the Libertines (I guess that's British indie rock). You guys are tight and the vocalist is good. Nice vocal harmonies too. Ending on a solo was a good call.

My one complaint is the recording quality. The quality is actually pretty good for an amateur band but the song sounded so professional that the recording quality didn't really line up with it. I guess you could try to go for that lo-fi feel but I don't think that's what you were aiming for.

But it's a really good song. And the quality is perfectly fine for a demo. Keep on writing and maybe get back in the studio when you've got a few more songs done. This is really good for your first song, my band's first song was absolute shit compared to this. Keep on going, you could go places. Nice work!

Mind checking out mine?

Great stuff man! It's really catchy, quite Brit indie rock The vocals totally fit the song kinda reminds me of the Hoosiers. The verses are really good so is the chorus, quite catchy and having a catchy good song is what's going to hook people to your songs. Wise choice as a single. The breakdown/bridge is brilliant! Same goes for the solo.

If you want can you take a listen to Speara or The Beating http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/inyourgirlagain/
man. the music here is getting better and better. that was good. great singing, and i loved the rockin tempo. almost beatle ish sounding. like yall have taken lessons from the best. good stuff. i'd go see you live. that was cetchy. good stuff man. not much else to say. i liked it.