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hysteria for example
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
ace of spades-motorhead
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anything by type o negative is usually distorted
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Around the world b/ Red Hot Chili Peppers, is a great tune, with sick dist. at beginning.


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Hysteria by Muse and Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) by Metallica instantly come to mind. i'd also suggest Uprising and (if you're up to it) New Born by Muse, Zwitter by Rammstein and maybe Boris The Spider by The Who. Anthrax's Caught In A Mosh would probably sound good with distortion too
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call of ktulu by metallica if you want some aweseom soloing/fills
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A big muff isn't going to give you good bass distortion. I'd recommend a Tonebender from the 70's. It's what the guy from tool, who's name I can't remember right now, uses in Jambi. It's pretty much the only bass distortion that doesn't cut your balls/bass off.
so you bought a distortion pedal without first researching what you could use it for? makes PERFECT sense.
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I have a Boss ODB-3 I use it for:

Orion - Metallica
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth - Metallica
Ace Of Spades - Motörhead
Hysteria - Muse
Blood & Thunder - Mastodon

And currently that's about it.
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so you bought a distortion pedal without first researching what you could use it for? makes PERFECT sense.

Hell why not? Something fun to fiddle around with and might find some good use for it.
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use it for whatever you want to use it for. Sometimes you can add fuzzy bass to a seemingly regular song and make it full as hell. A good example of this is the bass on the In The Aeroplane Over The Sea album by Neutral Milk Hotel. The songs could have been regular indie-ish songs, but then they added distortion to the bass in a lot of the songs and made them pretty thick.
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Should be able to get a tone close enough to Death From Above 1979 or Lightning Bolt... anything by either
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but DFA sounds bad if you use 'only' distortion.

If you have the Big Bass Muff, I'd suggest using the "dry" mode on the toggle and getting it to a pretty much half and half of distortion and dry.

I find DFA works best with also a chorus and some type of reverb (or reverby delay).

Most of their songs are pretty simple if you're not the best at playing. Turn It Out isn't that difficult of a song and it is one of my favorite songs to play (the pinch harmonic ish things at the beginning are the hardest part of the song).
Lord Gold feeds from your orifices and he wants to see you sweat.
Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
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RATM, audioslave, muse. always a good place to start
SOme of the stuff off Anti-Flag's new album people or the gun is killer imho.Especially the opening track Sodom,Gomorrah,Washington D.C (sheep in shepherds clothing)
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I Love to watch live performances of drum and bass music on electric and acoustic instruments with rapping as well like Michael Jackson songs.
QOTSA, most songs have some bass distortion.

Some specifics; Mexicola and Burn The Witch, but most any QOTSA or EODM songs will have bass distortion to some degree.
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^Looks like a multi, yana.

Play the song "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath. Damn right.

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Neutral Milk Hotel uses a lot of distorted bass in their songs, and apparently Rancid uses some too, but that may just be live.
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I love to hear Alizee songs but the English versions of her songs aren't the best but her beauty really inspired me.
If your after simple stuff, or something less heavy, try early BRMC material, stuff like Spread your Love or Whatever happened to my rock n roll...

easy bluesy fuzzy luvliness to swagger too

= ]
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Southern Point and Two Weeks both by Grizzly Bear

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Calgone by Incubus has some filthy fuzzy distortion on it. You should also check out The Barbarian which is an instrumental by Emerson, Lake & Palmer which has some pretty nic growl Bass.
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I love to hear Sarah because she is really very talented and aside from that, she is a role model , talented and beautiful.
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