I was wondering if Slash ever has backstage passes available on any tours?
If so, how do you get one?
And what goes on backstage?
The only way to get a backstage ticket for one of Slash's concerts is to:

a) Video yourself acting like a horse. Galloping, neighing, grooming, etc.
b) Get a naked female to ride you whilst you do this.
c) Get another person to act like a pony and kick it.
d) Ask google.
1. No
2. A mix of black magic and child pornography
3. Masturbation, Ironing and Gangsta shit
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I don't think so.
Tits or GTFO.
Some pretty badass trivial pursuit shit.
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Probably rarely.
One does not simply walk into backstage.
Nothing compared to 20 years ago.

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1) Yes, in a way
2) Run past the security at the concert
3) You get tased in the butthole over and over by security
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Find his profile and ask him yourself

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Dress up like a girl and act like a groupie.

Sure, Slash might have his wife, but maybe not his backup band, if you know what I'm saying
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Has Slash(or his online guy) actually replied to any of those? Also, how many 10ers are there now? Every post seems to be a May 10er or April 10er. 'Tis insane I tell you.

He actually replied to my question
Velvet Revolver used to sell "Golden" and "Silver" tickets, which I believe included backstage passes.
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