So until now I've just done my recordings with my Line 6 GX studio which only has one jack input. Needless to say it's really unpractical to record anything. That's why I'm looking to buy a mixer and some mics. Specifically I wan't to be able to record my guitar and drums. Not necessary at the same time, but still.

Sounds good and all, but here's the problem. I only have 100€ and most likely am not going to get more in 3-4 months. I know that I won't get anything good, but that's okay since this is just a hobby for me.

This is the mixer I'm thinking of getting, but I don't have much experience with mixers so any help would be appreciated.

And for the mics I have absolutely no idea. If you have recommendations this site would be good http://www.thomann.de/gb/index.html mainly because ordering from USA would cost a lot if shipped here.
Oh and I would need 2 mics at least.
I would check out for a mixer/interface/portable recorder, a Zoom R16. They're unfreaking believable!
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