Some guy offered me his fender MIM strat HSS and a boss me-33 for my Schecter C-1 Classic. Good deal or what? Paid 280 for the classic. It's in perfect condition, an '03 model. I may end up selling the strat, so I was wondering if I could make my money back. It's an 09 model I believe, white. He said the frets bleed out a little bit, they may need to be filed.
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One piece of advise : PLAY IT before you trade.

A friend of mine bought a MIM HSS strat without even playing it and the pickups hum like mad (even the humbucker), sound really muddy, and the fret job on the neck it horrid. I'm not saying all are like this but there are really good AND really bad ones.
i love my c-1 classic and would never trade it. if i were you i wouldn't trade it
Dude you've made like 10 threads asking if you should trade your $280 Schecter for some cheap guitar. Why not just keep it in one thread, people keep telling you the same thing.