Hey guys!

As the title reads, We're Noiseware, an Experimental Metal band from Pune, India.

We've been here for about a year now, and already taken big strides here in India, including opening for Porcupine Tree!

Do check us out.

We've just announced our new vocalist and released a new song with him, called 23!


Oh and new vocalist announcement :


Feedback is welcome!
at first I didn't like it. but then I did as I listened more

good work keep it up
PM me about logos and merch

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Sorry man, I only know how to program in Db.

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I'm so underground that I make up bands and songs in my head and don't tell anyone about them.
Fuuck this is amazing! What are your influences? I hear some Red Chord maybe, definitely some Meshuggah. I love this shit so keep it up!
Thanks a lot guys! Glad you'll liked it.

Yeah, we are influenced by Meshuggah, and a lot of other genres, but this is just something we all thought sounded good, and like to play!

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No amps man. Just a PodXT for all the guitars We dont get any record-worthy amps here in India, not that we'd have the money to get them anyway :P

If you like it, feel free to spread it. You can download it from there as well, for free!
Cheers, I'll spread it around for you!

Kinda surprised by that PodXT, is that your own settings? Or is it a preset?
Thanks a lot!

We've used our own settings. The presets aren't really meant for our style or tuning.

Keep listening!