hey... i am curious. ive been playing for about a year and a bit, and have primarily picked using my index and thumb (wrist doesnt move, both fingers seem to do the work, and the middle finger just kinda flops around). now, i have realised i wasnt really getting anywhere fast... quite the opposite... some half hearted practice over the course of a year and i still cant play the solo to Back In Black.

with my new found resolution, first thing i have decided is i must change picking style/technique to something that will gve me a bit more joy... hopefully. i saw a guys tutorial on youtube, and its basically a copy of Randy Rhoades style i think. the key point he says is, arm anchored 2 guitar, only wrist moves... so i need the pits advice on wrist picking, and how to develop it competently, cos just now its proving rather difficult, perhaps due to my lack of muscle in said joint. plus, any1 got any advice on economy picking... just 2 try and help as well... GRACIAS !!!

p.s. CoD:MW2 is horribly over rated... when i realised this my 360 was banished 2 the cupboard and my <3 of guitar is back with a fury

and yes this is a repost from the Electric guitar thread i wrote like 10 mins ago, before some witty scoundrel highlights it
Starts slow, only go faster when you are playing without any mistakes or false technique.

MW2 is a disgrace -.-
i saw something whch said to practice wrist technique, use a wide sweep of the wrist, like unnecesserily wide... that sound about rght ?
lol fine I'll tell you seriously....
Put your palm on the bridge and do tremelo picking. Do your ups and downs really well. Then try changing strings. Once you get better take your hand of the tremelo and try it. I'd suggest trying Crazy Train as practice...