Hey again guys, this is my newest songgg, kind of a slow one this time
im not 100% keen on the solo onwards, but ill let you guys criticize
some of the lyrics arnt the best, including the last verse, but i suck at lyrics so owell
if anyone wants to make the drums more fancier, be my guest, i know there pretty simple all the way through

anyways thanks guys

c4c as always
I Fell -GP4.mid
I Fell -GP4.gp5
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YO BRO. this is a really wicked tune, i liked the second verse and the solo blew my mindddd! i liked how you managed to go from a slow song and change it to an upbeat catchy rythm. the chord progressions were also really nice. 10/10.
the melody is awsome, the rest of the song fits to it (im saying it this way because i think you wrote vocals first than music)

the solo needs some kind of ''bomb'' but you chose the good notes, i just think you ended it in a weird way

the song sounds kinda girly, i think that you need to give it a little bit more of rock n roll spirit

overall a nice piece of music 8.5/10
yeahh i mostly did, well done for guessing haha
erm yeah i agree, i wasnt 100% keen on the solo, but its okay for the time being, will change it if needed haha

hmm? girly? haha, i kinda understand but that was the whole feel, if i put to much rocky feeling into it, it would have ruined the whole feel of the song i guess, but i understand what you mean

thanks for the crit
I like the first part but to be honest, the R and L clean guitars would sound better as a piano duet. I thought the drums were kind of a turn off in the verse. I didn't like them at all. Try changing them. I didn't like the overdriven guitar in verse 2. It was to sudden and to driven for my taste for a song like this. Bar 21 - 26 just seem like a waste of time, to be honest. I would take that part out. The chorus guitar would sound better as a acoustic part. Maybe add a melody in there to put under the guitar. The solo was pretty meh.... It was a hit and miss for me.

With a lot of work, this song could be great. But for now, I give it a 5.5/10.