completely different guitars man.

what kind of music do you play? what amp are you using?
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Yeah seriously! Are you looking to be the next SRV or Angus Young?
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yeah from that kind of question i would assume you're newer to guitar so I would recommend getting a cheaper starter guitar.

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new to electric have played acoustic almost a year i know the gibson is American made and only a 100 dollars more.
Quality wise there are probably not far off one another. The minute you said funk though the Strat just popped into my head.
I take it you're going to be buying on-line as well? It's only my opinion but I don't buy anything from any maker till I've played it first. SHipping a reject back may cost you the same amount of money as travelling to the nearest good store where you can try them out first so that's something to consider.
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Well Personally I would say get the SG, The humbuckers are, in my humble opinion, very suitable for blues and classic rock. It can do Jazz fine (just role the tone knob all the way back), as for funk i'm not sure. It all really depends on what sound you're trying to recreate. Do you want to sound like SRV or more like (early) Eric Clapton?
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i know clapton played a sg in his early career and i planed on going to a store like guitar center.
i would most likely go with the strat thank you guys here though i always thought about the sg but i have only played fenders at the store just needed others peoples opinions thank you.
Actually Clapton played a Tele first, then went to a Les Paul (made famous on the Beano Album) which was later stolen before Cream could tour. Then he played other Gibsons before finally settling on a Strat.
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