I don't usually like country other than Johnny Cash, but that was a very interesting tune. Good vocals/lyrics also. Nice job.
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I dunno how often you post songs up but it seems like every time I do one you do too, haha. I like your stuff though. This is a good song. I like the country vibe. It's nice and chill and it has decent hooks. Good lyrics. I would really like to hear some full band stuff from you sometime. You're a good songwriter but I'd like to hear your songs in a band context rather than just acoustically.

Good song though, nice work.
I'm not really a fan of country at all but it seemed good. Sounds kinda plain without a full band though. I don't know what else I could say because I don't know much about this style of music.

BTW, Thanks for the crit on mine!
sounds good man, the lyrics work well and hit too close to home sometimes you have a nice voice too. i liked the vocal harmonies you added in there. the guitar parts are nice and relaxed and fit the mood. but like other people have said i would like to hear some of your stuff arranged for a full band. but its a solid tune nonetheless, nice job
I'm not a country guy, so you might want to take my input with a grain of salt. I thought it sounded rather bland musically, and the lyrics seem like the type of things I randomly spout when I make fun of the genre as a whole... though you did leave out any mention of your dog named "Ol' Blue" being run over by your pickup truck, unless I missed that. You have a pretty good voice, especially for your style of music. I think a full-band setup would help your sound a lot. I'd suggest a fiddle or something doing melodies over the guitar, since that seems to fit the genre and your general sound.

So yeah, if I seem harsh, it's just because it's not really my genre. If you ever do something closer to what I write then I'll take a look at that and might be able to be more constructive.

EDIT: Actually, "bland" might be the wrong word here. It just seemed very repetitive and thin sounding to me.
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Well it wasn't bad. I'm gonna go with blue on this one and say that it wasn't my style but that doesn't mean something is wrong with it.
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