Today, I swapped out the stock pickups of my Schecter C1 to EMG 81/85s. The tone, volume, and pickup toggle all don't work. When I plug the guitar in, the volume is on and sound comes out, however it is very bass-y and does not sound like it's being driven completely. I can't turn the volume off, switch pickups, or adjust the tone.

We've triple-checked the wiring, and all of it is according to the diagrams. Any suggestions as to the problem(s)?
Hmm... do you have the correct value volume/ tone pots and caps?
maybe the battery is wired backwads
Probably a grounding problem
Your problem is definitely your wiring. It would be extremely helpful if you could take some decent pictures of the wiring, then get them uploaded and linked on here
you should be using 25K pots, capacitor values do not matter, make sure you have a good battery, wire the right way.


We used the pots that came with it, and the appropriate diagram that came with the EMGs.

We checked the wiring again, turned out there was indeed a slight mix-up. Now the volume, toggle, and tone control work, but it still has the same tone - it feels as if all the signal isn't getting through, and it's really bass-y with little sustain. I guess I'll have to try replacing the battery
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Giant pics, what you should do is a smaller version of the pics, or a thumbnail that is clickable for giant size.

And since they are the quik connect, make sure you have them all firmly in place, on the right slot, and all the arrows pointing like they are in the diagram.

Make sure the right cable is going to the right lug on the jack, you should be able to see the connections.

And the 3 obvious ones, make sure the tone control and volume control are turned up, and make sure the battery is good and the guitar is plugged into an amplifier.