I've made up my mind and I'll change my H1 HSS Stratocaster pickups.
I play almost only Blues; i.e. SRV/Mayer/Hendrix/Kenny Wayne Shepperd.

I'm torn between Tex Mex because they are cheap and a set from a Standard MIM Strat.
The ones on my guitar have higher outputs, so when I play with my amp cranked, it sounds muddy. I have lowered the pickups, but it's not quite the sound I want.
I'm looking for a very organic overdrive.

I'd like to keep the price of the pickups under $100.00.

My Gear :
Blues Junior
MJM London Fuzz
I have tex mex pups in my mim strat and i can tell you i really like them. They dont really have a typical creamy tone for blues but they are nowhere near muddy! so that would be good for you. They are crisp and almost twangy, but not, cant think of a good word for it lol.

Anyway, i would think theyd be better than standard strat pups.