I've been playing for two long on my shitty Epiphone LP Jr., so I'm looking for a new guitar. I'm looking for something metal, probably a superstrat(Which is sort of ironic; I hate Fender(It's not that I'm a Gibson guy, I just don't like them)) with 24 frets, I like having two octaves on each string, hopefully with H-H, H-S-S, (I doubt I'll find one with this but...) H-S-H,(I'm doubting even more on this one) H-H-H. I also am looking for a tremolo on it, as I like to divebomb. I'm also thinking of a seven string, but I'm not sure. The troublesome part is, well, I only have a budget of $200, so that really limits me. Can anyone help? Oh, and if your going to bag on me, saying "You don't have enough for anything good" or something like that, just doubt post, I don't need any crap like that.

This is what I have found so far -
Ibanez RG120

Jackson JS23 Dinky

Rondo Douglas SR370
sorry to say but you aren't going to get any of that for 200, even if you took out things you want you couldn't get anything for 200.
sorry to say dude but your really SoL if you're budget is only 200. i would recommend saving up and finding a nice Ibanez or Schecter for yourself. but go down to your local music shop (guitar center, sam ash, etc) and play around (giggity). feel is much more important then all the doodads that you "can" use
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would you mind going used cause you could get a better guitar for that price
also i played the ibanez the bridge kinda sucks for dive bombs
for a couple hundread more( or much less if bought used) you could get a good rg with the edgo III which is much better than the fat10
There's a few Ibanezs in your price range, but you may not like them. That Jackson is a nice guitar too and the neck's a bit bigger. They both sound decent.

I haven't tried this but the specs look interesting http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kramer-Pacer-FT202S-Electric-Guitar?sku=515312

maybe a better ibanez for you HSH

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Quote by britishsligean
the douglas you mentioned is a 7 string This one is probably more what you are after

I mentioned that I was considering a 7 string, right? Though, wait, cheap neck-trough guitar? *drool*