Now, I know there are probably loads of threads about this and if there are i'm sorry but, I have been looking on the internet for ages and I can't find anything so, here it is:

I need a new amp since I have had my spider III 15w for like a year and a half (No joke intended) and I want a new amp that will go really well with a KH-602 with emg 81's. I will have to spend £900 on the guitar (about $1,300) and I will have about £600 ($900). I obviosly want a amp that plays Metallica very well (Not all the studio sounds just there live sound) and well..... yeh I need help finding one. It doesn't have too be a big amp since I only play at home but I want like a 30w or 50w amp because I like to crank it up a bit

I don't really mind what make the amp is as long as it has a good Metallica tone

Thanks for any help you give
Spend more on the amp than the guitar.

Since you're in the UK, you're not going to be able to find a Mesa for cheap... maybe go for an ENGL Fireball or a Blackmore. Maybe look into a Randall RM100M with the KH1, KH2 and KH3 modules.
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you cold look at a blackstar ht 40 or ht 60, with an ibanez tubscreamer that combination should give you an older metallica sound, for their mewer sound and live sound have a look for a randall amp
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You won't be able to crank up a 50 watt tube amp at home my friend, tube amps are quite a bit louder than modelling amps.

And if I were you I'd spend £900 on the amp and £600 on the guitar, you'll have a much better sound that way trust me. Are you willing to go used?

Yes I will be willing to go used. I have been looking on ebay and saw a great deal but I can't afford it yet! It was a Engl fireball with a matching 4 x 12 cab for £900! I am trying to find a guitar with good active pickups and a good tremolo bridge but can't seem to find any under £700
I think I have decided on a Bugera 333xl 212. They sound as good as £1000 amos (apparently) and they are only £500!!
You should look used, get yourself a Marshall JCM 900 or 800, they are similar to what metallica used in their earlier days, pretty sure james used a jcm 800 2203(along with kerry king of slayers, tom morello of Rage against the machine, and a thousand other people)

You can get 900's for around $500-800(in the states) these days, and the 800 for $750-1k'
i don't know how the used market goes in the UK though

And to be honest the ESP KH really isn't all the great. very overrated guitar imo. Look at other ESP's or maybe an Ibanez
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Yeh I have looked way more since then and am stuck weither to just get a £500 jackson (RR3 or DK2) or to wait so I can afford an expensive guitar (RR5, KV5, Maybe LTD M1000?)

Thanks for the help everyone