this probably belongs in the electric section technically, but i think you acoustic players are going to be the ones most interested in this

i FINALLY got my new warmoth neck for my ash/purpleheart strat. you might be wondering why i'd replace a nice ebony/purpleheart neck well, it didn't keep tune for one thing. i've had serious tuning issues from day one. the second thing i disliked was the very thin back contour. it really cramped my hand whenever i tried playing standing up.

i was really intrigued by the idea of a super wide neck (a 1 7/8" nut, as opposed to 1 5/8" or 1 11/16" most electrics have). i don't have huge hands (i think they're about 7 1/2 inches from my palm to the tip of my middle finger) but i really love my seagull neck's wide neck. the super wide is actually a bit wider than the seagull's neck, but the back contour isn't as beefy, so it balances out pretty well.

i went with a plain old maple neck. it was the most cost effective, and with a lightweight ash body i didn't want anything too heavy to cause neck dive. i'll also be putting a more tame bridge pickup in (Dimarzio Air Norton) since the Super Distortion seems strange with the acoustic feel it has now. it's kind of funny that the neck ended up with some bidseye figuring since i'm usually pretty adamant about how much i dislike the look of birdseye. i've owned one other guitar with a birdseye neck (Peavey Wolfgang Standard) and it really grew on me after a while. the fretboard has some nice birdseye that doesn't show up well in pictures, but is definitely noticeable in person. also, some really cool grain on the headstock!

enough rambling... the pictures! first compared to my seagull. sorry for some of the blurry pictures. it was really difficult to hold the ruler and the camera at the same time

and all assembled!

i think those of you who are really more comfortable holding an acoustic than an electric should look into these. i don't know how many guitars out there on store shelves would have a neck this wide on a guitar in stock. but i'm glad i took the leap and ordered one. both warmoth and USACG make these, and there are most likely more custom companies out there. i'm a huge warmoth fan so naturally i went with them. one BIG problem you'd run into going with USACG is that their super wide necks need an extra wide neck pocket. warmoth's do not. below i'll post a picture of why it is that warmoth doesn't need a wider neck pocket. this means these necks will retro fit fenders. strats easily, i don't believe they make a superwide tele neck. however, you CAN put a strat neck into a tele pocket. once the neck bolts are in you won't have a whole lot of movement in the pocket. along with fenders and G&L's,squiers, jacksons and even some old ibanez guitars (the old roadstar series) will be able to take these necks. you might need to do some sanding and fitting before you'll get it perfect but it's possible.

warmoth's solution to the neck pocket issue. you can see it's got a wide fretboard on top of a standard sized neck pocket. i was a little worried about this being really stable, but it's as solid as any other 2 piece neck.

sorry for the huge article i've written here! hope somebody finds this interesting. i'm really glad i decided to test these necks out.
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