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What would yours be?

Mine would be I Will Return by The Black Dahlia Murder.
Obsession! Obsessive! Obsessed! Abscess!
The galloping riff in Raining Blood looped over and over. I'll just walk around with it playing.
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You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

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Yakety Sax, it would make everything funny.
all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way
Either the pink panther theme, or the professionals theme (mostly just for when I'm driving).
Mr. E's Beautiful Day- Eels

Or Buffalo by Stump
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Do You Know What I Am Saying?

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Thats Why towelie always says: Dont forget to bring a towel

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Honey Badger Dont Give a Shit.


****in love this song, could be because I was tripping when I heard it.
This is why I don't like arguing on the internet.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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Wolfgang's Philadelphia Study. Look it up yourself.
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No need to, absurd generalizations aren't my thing.
This because it's badass.
Begin again in the night, let's sway again tonight.
Your arm on my shoulder, your cheek against mine.
Where can we go, when will we find that, we know.
You know that song from Jurassic Park when there flying to the island? Yeah that when ever i walk into a room.
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I'd kill you and wear your skin.
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To attempt to have intercourse with a hornet's nest is a very bad idea,

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I always saw Teenage Wasteland as a good theme song for yours truly.

Slough feg - warrior's dawn
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Come to think of it, my penis should've listened to more death metal.

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So my question is. Can Pre-Cum fluid pass through my underwear, my jeans, onto and through her jeans, through her underwear, and impregnate her?
The Hawaii Five-O theme.
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A Little Piece of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold


NEVERMIND! It would be I'm A GOOFY GOOBER from the end of the spongebob squarepants movie!!
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Party in The USA - Miley Cyrus
That way I can skip around with my hands in the air everywhere I go.

edit: though to be serious I would have to choose Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun a song guaranteed to make you happy.
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
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The Royal We by Silversun Pickups
Wave goodbye to the past.
You've got your whole life to lead.

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So What? by the anti-nowhere league. though i would prefer the metallica version.
that way people will know what i'm all about.
All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
Show him a warm welcome, let's hear some applause
Hard choice.
I've narrowed it down to:

Flying in a Blue Dream (Satch)
Satch Boogie (Satch)
Super Colossal (Satch)
Always with me, Always with You (Satch)
A Day at the Beach (Satch)
Circles (Satch)
What Breaks a Heart (Satch)
Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness (Satch)
Rhinoceros (Smashing Pumpkins)
Today (Smashing Pumpkins)
1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)
The Gargoyle (Paul Gilbert)
Welcome to Bucketheadland (Buckethead)
Soothsayer (Buckethead)
Asylum of Glass (Buckethead)
Lone Sal Bug (Buckethead)
Jordan (Buckethead)
Angels Don't Kill (Children of Bodom)
Hallelujah (The Jeff Buckley version; original by Leonard Cohen)
Takin' Care of Business (BTO)
Holy Diver (Dio)
One Love (Bob Marley)
Movin Out (Billy Joel)
Winter Madness (Wintersun)
Skyfire (Skyfire)
Mr. Scary (Dokken)
Dawnrazor (Fields of the Nephilim)
Because I got High (Afroman)
She sells Sanctuary (The Cult)
Soul Asylum (The Cult)

Wait... I haven't narrowed it down at all...
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