Hey guys, I had a first gig with my band, and it went pretty well, but with a few problems. I'm wondering what gear I need to fix these problems:

1) There are two guitars in the band, and while we both had equal volumes during hard chords, my solos were barely heard. I suppose I need a volume boost pedal?

2) I screwed up during some changes in the songs because I have to turn off and on 2 pedals at the same time (a phaser and overdrive). What can I get so that I can step once to activate more than one effect?

3) I could not hear myself or the other guitarist while on stage. How can I hook up a guitar to a stage monitor?

4) The vocalists could also not hear themselves well even with monitors. Is this just level adjusting or is any other gear needed?

Thanks guys, hopefully my next gig will go a little smoother with your help!
1) Yeah, just get a clean boost pedal or a light overdrive with the gain pulled back. The EHX LPB-1 is a great solution that's pretty cheap.

2) Honestly, learn to tap dance a bit lol place pedals close together that you need to hit at the same time so you can do it with one foot. Or just practice timing. Often you can turn off an effect like a phaser right before without anyone really noticing. Switching systems are expensive and almost always unnecessary.

3) That's the soundtech's job. Just bitch at them enough and it'll get done Are you bringing your own PA or what? If not, that's really not your job...

4) Yeah, the soundtech needs to get his butt to work.
Question #2 is an easy one...just get a mini true-bypass looper. It basically lets you pair the two together and turn them on or off with one switch. If you want to use one at a time, it can be a dance, but if you're always running them together it is the best fix.
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as far as question 4, that is something you will struggle with always. until you're playing with legit FOH engineers you need to learn how to adjust.
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for the pedal switching question other than buying a very expensive switching system for individual pedals you could invest in a moderately priced digital modeler such as the line 6 m9 or m13 if u have the dough (or a podxt live or something if you want amp modeling etc. instead of just a stompbox unit). one good thing about using digital modeling is that you can save presets with multiple effects so you only need to hit one switch and it can turn to a completely different sound/tone.

you'll often run into a lot of bad sound guys, just make sure you tell them you need more ____ (vocal, your guitar, bass, drums, etc.) in your monitor.