Since my friend doesn't have internet access, he wanted me to put this up.

He's trying to decide on two guitars, a Dillion DL-650 (LP copy) and a Schecter Hellraiser C-1. He likes them both since he lovessss LP's and the feel of any Schecter guitar.

He plays all sorts of styles from metal to blues or funk or whatever so the coil taps on both the guitars are cool for him.

The one main thing he's concerned with is the Dillion. Since he's purchasing from ebay for the Dillion, he's not sure about the quality or even if it's the right Dillion (there was a fake Dillion in Canada a few years back I think). Plus in some reviews, they say the nut's plastic? Since Dillions are basically no where near us, he wants to know your guys' thoughts on the guitar.

More guitar choices are welcome.
I bought a Schecter Hellraiser a month ago as an upgrade from an Epiphone Les Paul. I'm never selling this guitar; it looks amazing and it sounds incredible. The cleans have good quality, though the coil taps aren't quite as bright or clear as natural single coils would sound. However, the gain is....beast. Therefore I say go for the Schecter
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I've never heard of Dillion before so my vote by default is Schecter, especially if this Dillion guitar is going to be purchased blind, personally I wouldn't waste my time but that's me.