Yeah, pretty dumb question i know but there are alot of plugins out there labeled as "Vsts" out there. Some of them can play midi(just like ezdrummer, or virtual drummer) and some can't, like guitar rig.

So how can you tell if someone can play midi or not. What am i missing?

and since we're on that topic. Anyone know of any good Rock/Metal bass vsts that can play midi.
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VST instruments generate audio and require notes to be sent by midi. VST effects color an audio signal that's already there. I've never used it, but guitar rig sounds like the latter, and ones like EZDrummer are the former.
Your question isn't very clear. Are you asking if you're MIDI interface (Keyboard/pad) can trigger the VST sounds?
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All VST Instruments support MIDI. If they don't, its probably not a good program.

Some VST Effects Plugins support MIDI for controlling certain elements of the plugin. Pod Farm 2 by Line 6 supports MIDI controllers to tweak various things from volume to bypassing pedals. Usually, it says somewhere in the instructions or on the plugin.
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Yeah, you basically don't seem to realise that theres a difference between VST Instruments and VST effects.

VST just stands for Virtual Studio Technology, its the word after that acronym you should pay attention to....