Who all has class and plays Team Fortress Classic on UG?


Post if you still do, what servers you play at and your favorite class.

1. Me
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Why wouldn't you play tf2?

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Don't have a credit card to buy it on steam, I have tf2 though which is going down the tubes with the updates that make the game more fun, but break it a bit.

I want to play it though sounds interesting.
Why not play TF2? Well for one, it's not the same as TFC. It's way different. I mean, the core is still the same, but I grew up playing TFC. And I don't feel like buying TF2 until I get the Orange Box... Anyway.

It's harder than TF2 by far, and the physics are way more over exaggerated, making it a completely different game. It's better than TF2

It's $5 on Steam. The population isn't as high as it use to be before TF2, but it's starting to climb back up. There are about 175 servers online all the time.