playing a standard (electric guitar) crybaby wah through a bass w/ bass amp is ok right?
just checkin so i dont blow any up
yes its fine and i like running my bass through a crybaby better than a guitar.... have fun
No, you will be fine. You can play a guitar into a bass amp...many guitar players have done this. Just don't try it the other way around. And, no...using the wah won't hurt anything either.
It won't blow anything up, but it'd probably sound a lot better if you use a bass wah - unless of course, you're liking the sound you get with the electric wah. The electric wah won't be made to handle the lower bass frequencies though. You can always check out the Wah customising thread on this site, as it's fairly simple to turn it into a bass wah if you want
I run my bass through an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808 (Guitar Pedal), and a bass amp. I've only used it for one song though. Never been big on Pedals as a bass player, but I played guitar for about a year before I ever played bass, and I had the TS-808 laying around from that and found a useful application for it on bass.