I realize that there have been many threads about the differences between different noise gate/suppressor pedals and so i am not asking which is better, im just confused.
The UG threads, for the most part, all say that the ISP Decimator is the king of noise gate pedals, and I have come to believe that and have one coming in the mail. They also say that the NS-2 sucks tone and is a second-rate pedal... But according to the website www.uberproaudio.com, many bands (Between the Buried and Me, Bullet For my Valentine, As I Lay Dying, All that Remains, just to name a few) are using the Boss NS-2 in there systems. I have a hard time believing that this many big-name bands are using a tone-sucking suppressor when they could easily get the Decimator. When used correctly, is the NS-2 really that bad, and if it is, why are so many big-name guitarists using it?
Just curious.... Thanks
I'm just throwing this out there (guessing) but from what I've seen its probably safe to say that most bands use an NS-2. A lot are using ISP's but the NS-2's are still very prominent. Could be because Boss has a bigger name and has better distribution and marketing? (could be a lot of factors)

Does the NS-2 suck tone? yeah a little but it's very minimal. Even true bypass pedals like the decimator will degrade signal a tad by the fact of adding connections to the signal path (albeit not as bad as non-true bypass pedals of course). The NS-2 may alter your tone a little more than the decimator but not as bad as most people claim.

So to answer your question the NS-2 really isn't that bad (sucks tone yes but very little), as you noticed TONS of pro bands use them so for most people the NS-2 is fine but for those that have the extra cash the Decimator is a little better for keeping tone. Plus you always have to remember that no matter what gate/suppressor you use if you turn the threshold up too high all of them will begin to suck your tone.
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It depends where you use it to be honest.

I wouldn't use my NS-2 in the loop of my amp but in front of my amp to cut the noise of my compressor and pickups its fine. The amount of compression I use however is pretty insane so I care little for the pedal sucking tone, I have to have the pedal's threshold up pretty high to stop my rig feeding back.

There is too much crying about tone sucking on these boards from my experience. Every little thing you use with your rig other than the amp is going to suck some tone. If you don't want tone to be sucked just go straight to your amp. Now if you want to shape your tone exactly how you want it by throwing in tons of effects and whatnot then just use whatever you like and ignore the people saying X pedal or X effect will suck tone because when it comes down to blasting out your music live the crowd really ain't gunna give a crap if your boss NS-2 sucks tone, they won't hear it
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