1.) I am a guitar noob and want you guys and need some help! I am REALLY into Interpol right now and my favorite song ever is this song- PDA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw97oth25Vg and this is the tab: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs...da_ver2_tab.htm. But I am torn between Sunshine of Your Love I only know a few chords and I have only been playing since December so I need some easy stuff. I love the PDA song but people say that Sunshine of Your Love is the place to start what should I do? Does the PDA song look a little too hard?

2.) How should I start learning guitar? I just stopped lessons because I got some for my birthday so now I am on my own. I know basic technique like how to hold a pick and such and some chords like said earlier. Should I just keep learning chords and stuff or can I start doing easy songs? Or should I learn technique while learning a song?
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Get a chord book/sheet and learn them until you can play fluently. It will probably take a long time. Lessons are helpful but not nessecary... Be patient and have fun...
try learning smells like teen spirit, smoke on the water, iron man riffs
i kinda think teh pda song looks a bit too hard for a starting song, how bout ya follow meh steps to guitar playing (worked for my sister so it could work for you)

1. go to the nearest church
2. ask the guy who plays guitar to play some easy church songs
3. watch and learn
4. profit
5. go back to step one until you learn to play at least... i dunno 5 church songs?

yeah it sounds silly but it works (i guess), you get to feel holy AND learn to play some songs, but if ya don't wanna do that, you can always try learning teh chrods G, C, D then practice some easy songs like, leaving on a jet plane, oh and have fun, i mean that IS the whole point to learning how to play guitar right?
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Sunshine of your love is not that hard, not the easiest either, smoke on the water easily takes that I borrowed my friends guitar book, and slowly looked at the notes and the fingerings and slowly pieced together twinkle twinkle. For me...learning guitar has just been finding songs I like and playing them. But make sure you have good form and don't acquire any bad habits.