Hey guys im by no means a full time artist but i play occasionally and write when i feel like it haha
but anyways im 17 so i have a super busy schedule..

anyways tell me what you think of this song i wrote called my world
srry for the bad quality mic i dont have a high quality mic
my new song: My World

Additional Details
this in no way is a finished project i just wanted to see what ppl thought of it so far thnx in advance
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Sounds good. At times it hard to hear the vocals, but I'm sure you'll work that out when you record a final version. Nicely done!!
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Not badat all man! I like the voice in my opinion the guitar could sound more full. Try recording one track then panning is hard left or right then record it again and pan it to the opposite side. The lyrics are good as well man. Overall I like and think you have alot of talent. Tell me what you think of my recording if you get around to it :p Keep up the good work!
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