Short-and-sweet: Looking into picking up two new toys for some distortion. Want some opinions to be sure they're worth my money.

~Guyatone TZ-2 Fuzz ~ It's supposed to be a repro of the Tonebender. I love the sound Jimmy Page got with a little cranked tube amp, a tele, and a Tonebender. Same time though, I've looked at plenty of pedals say they're a reproduction of a great vintage tone tool, plugged it in, and just want to chuck it through a wall when I heard it.

~Danelectro Cool Cat CO-2 OD ~ A lot of guys say that this is a Fulltone OCD clone. I didn't believe it, but after a Gearmanndude comparison between an OCD and one of these things, while there is a difference in tonal characteristic, that video made me feel Danelectro hit a high-note with this thing. I've heard of plenty of pedals that are crap except for a few exceptions though.

SO, any firsthand accounts?

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no firsthand experience, but i watched the CO-2/OCD shootout and the Cool Cat holds its own very well. much cheaper, too.

you also might look at the seemingly more-versatile CTO-2 Transparent Overdrive.
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If you mean the Trans OD, the V1 was an almost dead-on clone IIRC.

Their Fuzz V1 was also supposedly a dead clone of a Frantone Cream Puff. I'm still trying to get my hands on one.

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I know the v1 is close but not sureabout the v2 of it. I have the dano v1 its a wonderful pedal.
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Yea. The Trans is the Timmy clone. I think the Drive is the OCD clone.
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