I play my Fender Stratocaster through a Line 6 Spider III 15W amp with a few built-in effects and a pretty damn good reverb. I've just earned about 350 dollars, as well. I have tried a number of BOSS pedals at the local music shop and seemed to like them. I played the phaser and flanger, but couldn't find the need for those. I played the DD-3 Delay, Distortion DS-1 and the Chorus CH-1. I seemed to find the sound I like out of all of them. I'm definitely going to buy a wah pedal. However I'm on a budget to about $400. I don't really enjoy the Fuzz or any Metal of any sort. I stick to Classic Rock, Ska, Indie and Punk. So what I think My set up would end up at is:

DS-1 Distortion
CH-1 Chorus
DD-3 Delay
Wah Pedal

Any constructive criticism?
Wrong forum bro. This goes in GG&A.
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Get a good amp before you think about getting any pedals. The spider won't take the pedals as good as a real amp anyways...