I just got my first tube head and decent cab and im having trouble understanding how to connect it correctly. I have a Line 6 spider valve 100w head (I like it for what I do) and a mesa boogie 4x12 280w cab.

Here it is

Here is the back of the head

Here is the back of the cab

Here is how I think to hook it up if i want to play in stereo. And to give it a total of 8 ohms

I was told this was the wrong way to hook it up and it will damage my amp in time but im having trouble seeing how to hook it up to have my amp in stereo. Please let me know if this is right or how to correctly hook it up. Thank you and I appreciate your time.
Read the back of the head. That says 8 Ohm pair or 4 Ohm single. So yes you have it hooked up wrong.

The correct way would be to use one speaker cable in The B area of the head run to the bottom right of the cab where it says 8 Ohms.

Edit: There is nothing wrong with a spidervalve by the way.
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Bottom right input on the cab to the 8 ohm input (B) on your head.

That's it.
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you can't do stereo with just one head unless it specifically is a stereo head.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Why use two cables?
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What you've actually done there is connect two 4 ohm inputs on the cab in parallel - that's 2 ohms!!

What MC said. A single speaker cable from the B output on the amp into the 8 ohm input on the cab (the bottom right socket)
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