Hi guys!

I hope all of you are well; Direct, to the point.. This thread just have all of the last things that I have been doing.. Not all are complete, really not all.. They're just some songs what i did when i came from the university..

Do you want variety? xD i just want you to listen and C4C this things; someday not too late i'll finish all this shit, if you want to help i'll be glad

See ya people.

[ Loving me softly - reggae - something Jazzy or soft - MIDI AND RSE ]
[ Prima - rock ballad - something rockish.. RSE ONLY ]
[ PxH Try - as the name says, this try to be posthardcore - rse and midi but rse sounds better ]
[ nu metal - i have to say more? i dont think so! .. RSE AND MIDI ]
Loving me Softly.gp5
PxH Try!.gp5
Nu metal.gp5
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "