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Mainly what I am asking is what do you look for when you go to buy shirts, jeans, and etc. Do you look for the style, the pattern, the quality, the designs or nothing at all or do you base it off bands that you idolize?
I generally look for enough quality, to know that it wont shrink first time i wash it. Other than that, i aim for as cheap as possible, and whether i like it or not.
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well. either plaid button down shirts. or solid color button downs. preferably dark or earth tones. short-sleeve black button downs. jeans ... meh ... i like them to look good. i like them a little slimmer in the leg. i've given up skinny jeans and moved on to 514s.

that's about all i really wear apart from band t-shirts. but i prefer just throwing on an jeans, undershirt and a collared button down.
dark and neat and/or really metal-looking
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IDK. I like to get the nice stuff.... if i can persuade my parents to pay :-D

If not then something different is all.

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I look for stuff that catches my eye. Then I check to see if it's not too expensive.
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I mostly look for t3h brut4lz shirt with one metal bands i don't even know printed on it. (has to be slim fit though, otherwise it won't go well with my sisters jeans)
That way people will acknowledge how hxc emo i am .
I like to buy normal, "cool" clothing, mostly casual. I usually have some shirt with a guitar on it, too.
First off, has to be of sufficient quality that I couldn't spit through it.
After that, has to be cheap, because then I have something in common with my clothes.
I get whatever catches my eye and the first thing I check is the price tag. So if I like it and it's in the price range that I would pay, then I get it. I hardly fit clothes because I pretty much know what things will look good on me or not and falling in line for the dressing rooms usually take too long.
How ****in awesome I look in them! Haha, kidding. Kinda.
If it looks good, buy it. **** the price. Looking good leads to feeling good.
Lol I look for cool street fashion on the interwebz. I use that info to visualise a style for me and then I go out and buy it. mostly on ebay or internet stores because they have superior brands for reasonable prices.

I like H&M slim pants and those 'uptown' shorts that I wear with cool band shirt. cool as in: the design looks fun(not metal) and it fits well. American apparel has the best fitting shirts imo. over that I might wear a quality shirt (doesnt need to be expensive. got a great mishka shirt for 30 bucks on ebay and a well fitting brandless thing for 12.)
a cool sweater or crew neck jumper can also work with this.

basically when shopping I look for stuff i can combine and what works without the boundaries of a certain style.
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My mommy buys all of my clothes for me.

Nah I just wear regular jeans that I got from kohls, and a band shirt.
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Firstly, no graphic tees.

Generally, has to have a nice fit, mostly earthy tones barring some dark blue,.


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I shop mainly in H&M and in charity shops, so it's all relatively cheap. I mainly go on what fits me the best, and the quality of what it's made from. Tshirts are easy, tight and slightly stretchy and I'll buy it, when getting trousers and jeans I want them just a bit off skinny. Colours and styles change from each time of the year.
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whatever looks good, really.

i tend to avoid major brands, or anything that has a brand's name plastered over it.
Fit, construction/material, style. I'd rather pay a little more for a decent hem, as it will last longer. Straight-point drop-down collars, barrel cuffs, single chest-pocket, woven shirts. Silk ties, worsted wool suits. Causual wear: whatever fits/looks fine.
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pretty much they have to fit, i hate when people buy me clothes because they always buy cloths that swallow me (lololol swallow whatever). after that if they look decent and aren't outrageously expensive i'll get them
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I look for jeans that fit comfortably and don't have a crazy price tag. It's surprisingly hard to find a good pair of jeans if you're as skinny as I am.
I don't like skin-tight jeans, and I don't like the ones that sag and leave your ass exposed, either.
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OT: Comfort is a big thing for me, that's mostly what I look for.
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Does it look cool? Check.
Is it under $20 bucks? Check.
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Just how much I like them... my usual ways are:

band t-shirts (95% of the time I am wearing a Paramore t-shirt)
skinny jeans (grey, black and colours)
skate shoes or those flat-what-they-calleds...

This will start a RIOT! in me
If it fits me I buy it, I am tall and skinny as hell so it's kinda hard to find clothes.
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stuff that has some cool colors printed on it, but the cotton has to be black for t shirt. and for jeans cheep and dark blue, pretty much all my clothes look the same, black t shrit with cool design on, and dark blue jeans (not skinny)
First I look at the design/style and quality of the article, then I see if it fits and suits me, then I look at the price. If its something I really like, I won't mind paying a lot for it. Like someone said earlier, looking good makes you feel good.
Something that fits well, and I have to like the overall visual appearance of the item.
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the stuff that everyone else wears and i tend to avoid it

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If it's cheap and if it's comfy, and it doesn't look totally shit, I'll buy it.

I also like a nice coat.



in that order.

Style is important because I don't want to wear something that is comfortable if I think it looks stupid or I think I look bad wearing it.
When clothes shopping I'll only ever buy jeans or button shirts as that's all I need really, considering what I wear is usually: T-shirt and jeans (t-shirts are never bought from a clothes shop though, usually gigs or the internet), T-shirt, shirt over the top and jeans or shirt and jeans.

So I see if they look alright, if they seem durable-ish and if they look good really...

Though fit isn't as important in some cases as some items should be a little snug/loose depending on the situation, for example, a lot of my medium t-shirts seem to be pretty loose on me, but still the look works.
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