My first one got rejected because of too many bolded parts. I received the email, and did the article again. However, I forgot to add the link for the source, so it got rejected once again. Thats understandable.

You told me to add the link, and then submit it again.

I did this, but you rejected it again? It wasn't bolded, and it contained a link stating where the article came from.

I'm confused, lol.
RIP Tom Searle.
Too early to give up Considering the fact that at leats 4 of your articles have been posted recently.
By the way, thanks again for your submissions!

Now that I actually know how to submit, you should be getting a lot more contributions from me.

RIP Tom Searle.
Nothing like a bit of practice to get you all set, but do remember not to blow all your leads at once or you'll lose the urge to do it very quickly.

Keep it going for a long time.