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Obviously were almost all guitarists or bassists, but I'm curious, what other instruments can you guys play?
I mainly play guitar, but I sing, play piano, and synth keys. I'm thinking about learning drums too, but that shit seems kinda tough
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i used to play clarinet, but when i got in high school all the band kids got really wierd :/
I play trumpet and drums. I don't actually play guitar, I just know a few chords and that's it, I joined UG to learn but never really had the time to
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OT: I play piano and mayonaise.
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Ukulele, Piano, harmonica.
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On topic, I play violin, guitar and bass mainly, though I can play piano and drums I'm just not very good.
Piano, will probably take up few more instruments. I'm looking at altoflutes, cellos and the harmonica.
vox, drums (to a degree), la base guitarra (to a degree), a little bit of piano, trombone("shhhhhhh, that doesn't count!""quiet you!"), a little bit of trumpet.
I play piano classically and bass (i also sing when noone is listening!)

^altoflutes are beautiful, so nice to listen to
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Bass, guitar, piano, recorder (for more then 10 years now) and sometimes i pick up a clarinet or harmonica =)
Bass, Recorder, sampler.
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Guitar, piano (I recently quit my lessons though), trumpet (only for school) and I want to learn the drums and bass guitar
guitar, bass, recorder (yeah i owned that f***er), i can play the trumpet but i don't have one or know anyone who does
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i play guitar as my main instrument but i also play ukulele and i recently started teaching my self piano (well keyboard really since i don't own a piano)
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I play guitar, bass, drums, and I can kinda play keyboard. Of course there's singing, but I'm absolutely horrible.
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Bass, a bit of drums, bagpipes and a tiny bit of piano
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Well, I don't play guitar to begin with. I'm only teaching myself (same with bass). But I primarily play the drums. Then I play trombone, keyboard and the tin whistle.
My first instrument is piano. I can also play organ (like for people's weddings) and other keyboards/synths. I'm a drummer and a percussionist so can play xylophones, vibes, bells, marimbas when I have too. Guitars and bass guitar. I used to be a fairly good trumpet and trombone player but it's been a while since I've played either.
I play guitar
and key board/piano (not very well atm though)
I know my basic major and minor chords and a couple scales on piano, I can't really play it well at all though. I mainly use it for vocal practice and songwriting.

I can keep a beat on drums, but im not very good at that either. I have actually played a show on them before though.

Harmonica, it can only be a diatonic though.

I also know my major/minor chords on a mandolin.

I really want to take up ukulele.
In order of how well I can play them (that isn't saying much though, I'm pretty terrible regardless)


I started on guitar at age 7, picked up drums at 13, bass at 14 and I can just about play chords on a piano, and I'm 17 now.
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I play guitar and piano, and clarinet (I learned it in school). I can play bass if needed, and I can also play some basic drum patterns if needed.
I play guitar, bass, keyboards, drum pads (:P), mandolin, bouzouki, ukulele, accordion occasionally.

Pretty much my whole immediate family are multi instrumentalists, it rocks
Drums primarily, but also on the side, guitar, keys, saxophone (alto to be specific), vocals, and bass guitar a bit, though I don't own one. I also want to take up violin.
I play:

Bass (main instrument)
Electric/acoustic guitars
Double bass
Cello (badly, I'm learning)
Viola (just started lessons!)
Moog synths (basic stuff)
Recorder (just started playing again)

I list piano and keys seperately as I play these two for different reasons and at different standards.
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