I know their are tons of fake gibsons going around, but where can i buy one that plays well? I am aware that it is not going to be a real gibson, but where can i find a decent playing replica/fake? My price is around $300.

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Agile make some great ones so I hear...

but if you want actual replica with Gibson on the headstock, check out DHGATE.

Now, before everyone goes ZOMGA DHGATE SCAM. Learn how to USE the site first. Talk to the person you're buying off, make sure they have good feedback, check for detailed reviews.

The only issue with these, is they'll be set up really shit, so you'll need to have the frets redressed most likely. I did this with a PRS copy and was surprised how it came up.
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Buying a replica with Gibson on the headstock is iilegal as is the guitar itself.
Agile do not make LP replicas BTW they make LP styled guitars, the body shape, top carve are not the same and unless you get the 3000+ models you don't even get the correct tone wood species used in the contruction. The same (materials issue) can be said for Douglas and Dillan Guitars I believe.
The closest thing to replicas that are legal are Epi, Vintage, Burny, Orville & Tokai. Epi & Vinatge are affordable as are the non-MIJ Tokais. The others are MIJ and can be quite expensive.
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