I'm going to a professional Luthier soon to get my Explorer set up and tuned to B standard (for amon amarth and other death metal of sorts) but I'm having a super hard time deciding what strings to go with.

Currently I have a pack of D'Addario 12-52's, and i've heard some say those are good for B standard tuning (and supposedly Amon Amarth used those for their early albums) But i'm sort of afraid because I have also heard that the wound G In that tuning can have severe issues staying in tune. I'm leaning towards a 56 for the heavy string so i'm also looking at getting a pack of D'addario Medium Jazz 13-56's. The thing is, the 13-56s also have the wound G string, so i'm not sure if that is good or bad in that I have never had experience with a wound G. I've heard that you can't solo on a wound G string, but I'm not sure if I will believe that just yet.

So, can anyone give me some tips/suggestions as to what of those 2 string gauges I should go with? And also the pros/cons/solo capablities of that wound G string in these two string sets?
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i use DR 10-46 without the high E and i put a 0.56 or 0.58 on top for B standard i really like DR becouse they tend to be a bit tighter than other brands i hope this helps
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12s are great for B standard. Never had issues with my unwound G string.
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Yea I'm stupid and just now realized the 12-52's also have a wound G string, so I guess now I need to know whether or not its a good/bad idea using wound G, and how it affects soloing capablities
why wouldnt you be able to solo on a wound G? the string is still there, so use it. thats like saying you cant solo on the D string. or like saying you cant solo on a guitar at all. doesnt make any sense. if your so worried about it, the do what the guy above me does.
i use to ernie ball medium gauge for d standard haha. it was wickedly easy to pick fast, but bends...hmm. that when i was first discovering the art of string tension.
but the wound G was fine. kinda liked it
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12-56, I'd say...Earnie Ball Not Even Slinky's. I use them in drop Bb/drop A (although the lowest string's a tad loose in A) and they're great. Also, don't worry about the G - it's fine for soloing.
I'd say 13's probably 14's since the short scale length of an Explorer. Unless you've got some custom 27'' baritone whacamacallit, 12's on a 24.75 and going to be pretty darn floppy in b-standard.

PM Acoustic Mirror, i think he uses 14's for B standard on a PRS which is 25.5''
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