Your chord progression is really cool. The song has a great latin vibe to it... as far as I can tell. I would just say that it's not as much of a "song" as it should be yet. A song would have more of a melody. Your lead lines were great, so I would just say to play with them and come up with a melody that really means something to you. If those licks were improvised, I don't think it should be too hard. If you also added some lyrics, doesn't really matter how good they are... if you place them right it would add a lot. I would suggest playing with your title. "el sol y la luna" is a great lyric, just elaborate on what it means to you. In a foreign language even really simple lyrics can be brought out a lot more beautifully. I also thought that the vocal harmony could end in a half cadence... or if you want to be really creative, a deceptive cadence.
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It sounds good, it has potential. It seems too bare. A melody would probably compliment it real nicely, like the poster above me said. Also, try to throw some more ideas in there to make it a more complete song. This song could turn out really cool if you put some more finishing touches on it. You're off to a good start.

Could you crit mine?
I love the room ambiance on the guitars.
Great improvising also,
Just maybe add another instrument or something to fill it out a little.