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Hey, now just to start off I'm gna say that I'm pretty amateur with electronics, so please bare with me.

So I acquired an original Jen Double sound wah a while ago ( it was donated to our school (no idea who by or why they would do such a thing) , but it was broken when it was given to us, so my music teacher just let me take it)
Now upon opening it up it just sort of looks like somebody's grabbed hold of the insides and yanked. The pot is gone, along with the battery clip and several of the wires are ripped out.

I really want to get this thing working just out of curiosity of what it sounds like. I also own a Vox V847 reissue, which has a broken switch. Since i haven't used it in a long time, and have a Carl Martin 2Wah to keep me happy, i don't mind using parts from this to fix the Jen if it is possible ? ( I know it won't sound the same as it originally did, but seeing as i never heard how it originally sounded, again, it doesn't bother me.)

So yeah, is this possible? and if not does anybody know what parts i might need to get / just generally which bits to solder where etc. haha.

Any help is greatly appreciated Cheers guys
Well, you'll need a new pot, obviously.

What is that, a 4PDT?
a row of unused lugs, though...

You may be able to get a pot here:
Heck, he might even be willing to fix it for you.

EDIT: Here's a schematic:
Lug 1 of the new wah pot would go to that white wire on the switch.
Lug 2 would go to the orange one from the pot.
Lug 3 would go to the purple wire that's grounded to the enclosure.

I think that's how it's wired. No output cap....very interesting...
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thanks a lot for your help

Just a couple of things, whats the orange wire from the pot ? I thought that the pot was what i was attaching it to ?

I found these if they're any help too

Also there a few wires that are loose, that I'm not sure where they should go, here's a pic

yeah its the red, black, and orange & blue ones that are sticking out. The red and black ones are for the battery clip yes ?
From what i can tell from the schematics (I don't really know what i'm talking about when it comes to this, it was just from what i could see), it looks like both the orange and the blue ones go to the wah pot. So now there are 4 wires (orange, blue, white and purple) that all go to the wah pot, which only has 3 lugs.. I'm confused hahah.
yeah sorry my cameras being a bit temperamental with the flash etc., I'll try and get some more now
Ooooh, this is so much clearer now.

If you're looking at the bottom of the pot...Okay, loose orange wire from the middle of the board goes to the middle lug of the pot. The blue one goes to one on the left. We will refer to this as lug 1. Lug 1 also goes to another connection...but I need a better pic...
Lug 3 goes to that purple wire, so it's grounded.

Red does indeed go to the battery. the black end of the battery then needs to be connected to the black wire on the input jack.

Is the white wire on the board loose? That looks like it's connected to the input jack, but it shouldn't be.

Can I get some better pics of both switches? We're almost there!
Yeah that white wire is attached to the input jack

and here's some more pics

you need any more ?
Wow, did someone try and rewire this already? the fuzz switch is wired wrong, unless the internals are different than a standard switch.

I do not know what is going on with the top switch, the fact that there are 8 lugs confuses me.

Do you have a multimeter? I need to check how the switches work....I feel like 4 of the lugs on the stomp switch are superfluous, that they just have two terminals that are connected to each other.

Can you also untangle the blues wires on the toggle?

And where does the green wire on the input jack connect to?
I have no idea what happened to it / where it came from before i got hold of it, so yeah probably haha.

I wasn't paying attention and my camera ran out of battery so I'm gna have to wait a while until it charges up again :/
Yeah the green wire goes to the on/off switch, 2nd lug in from the end that faces the pcb board on the left side (when looking down on it)

And yeah i do have a multimeter, but i have absolutely no idea how to use it so i may need some guidance haha
Good point Jim.

So set it to the 200 ohm setting. Plug the black probe into the bottom right Jack, and plug the red probe into the one above it.
The stomp switch is up first. Touch the black probe to one terminal. Touch the red to the one above it. If it not connected, there will be a negative sign, maybe just show a one on the left side. It is connected, it'll just say 0.00.
Do this for all the terminals, see which ones are connected to each other. Then stomp the switch, and check again.
See if you can draw up a diagram of how they're connected. Of course, and wires connecting the two may throw off this measurement. It may be a good idea to disconnected them for now. We can reassemble it with these pictures we have now.

Do the same for the toggle.
My soldering Iron is currently on loan, I'll get it back tomorrow and the take the wires off and test it all.

However when i was trying out the multimeter, it does just say 1 on the left side when they're not connected, but when you touch two things that are connected, it doesn't just say 0.00, the numbers jump all over the place. I'm guessing this doesn't matter, cause if its getting some kind of reading then they must be connected, just thought i should mention it though.
mkay i checked both over several times and this is what i got

hope they make sense haha
Okay...I decided to just do it now before I forget:
To summarize everything...
If you're looking at the bottom of the pot...Okay, loose orange wire from the middle of the board goes to the middle lug of the pot. The blue one goes to one on the left. We will refer to this as lug 1. Lug 1 also goes to point C on the stomp switch.
Lug 3 goes to that purple wire, so it's grounded.

Red does indeed go to the battery. the black end of the battery then needs to be connected to the black wire on the input jack.

Here's the diagram for the toggle switch:

Point 1 is from the bottom right side of the board, the brown wire there. The brown wire also has a shield which needs to go to ground. Right now it's correctly connected to the sleeve of the input jack.
Point 2 is from orange wire that's on the left of the board. It's the one that's above the red wire. Note, not the one in the middle of the board next to the blue wire.

Still thinking about the stomp switch...Points A and B correspond to a spot on there.
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yep never, i tested it several times, and cleaned all of the solder off just to double check. Ah right okay, I thought I'd seen a picture of one before that had a different switch.
if I get a DPDT can I then wire it up to be true bypass ?
if so then I assume that that would be worth doing haha

also would it be possible to use the pot from my vox wah ?

I know its different cause it uses the clips etc., but would it be at all possible ?
just because i'm pretty stretched for money atm haha.
unfortunately the switch is what's broken on my vox so i can't take that :/
Ah thankyou i've just ordered the pot and i'll post an update / beg for more help once i have it haha .

thanks alot man
I got the pot today (really impressed with that site, mail is really backlogged here atm cause of the snow we've had, and i got it in 2 days ), so i've put it in. Also just realised that it's missing the little brace thing that holds the arm against the pot (does it have a proper name? ) which is kind of annoying.
Here's the current state of affairs,

sorry about the quality, crappy phone cam with no flash :/
Ah thankyou.
I'll have a look in some hardware shops next week happy Christmas guys
I haven't found the little plastic bit yet but i'll keep looking. I'm gna be doing some recording the week after next and i'd quite like to have this as an option for it, so i figure i'd best start the wiring. Any help on where to go from here would be very much appreciated
Thanks guys
You could use the plastic clip from your vox for now, assuming the screws are the same
ahh good point, the screw didn't fit but i found one that did, thanks

Okay erm is it the black or the green wire that i attach to the fuzz switch from the input?

then just the general the wiring of the footswitch and pot,
and obviously i need to get a battery clip (tempted to just take the one from the vox hah).

thanks alot
Sorry i was in a rush when i posted that, looking at it now it really wasn't worth doing. Okay then i've started some of the wiring but i have a DPDT pot so the circuit needs to be adjusted for that, i've been looking up true bypass for similar wah's such as this , but obviously the fuzz switch makes this a little different. These are the connections that i've made so far

Is this right? and could you tell me where to go from here, thanks
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