First off all, im new in here.. so hello to everyone, out there..
- I'm søren, and im from denmark, .. and been playing guitar for 1½ year now.
Enough bout that. <.<

- Anyways, i was bored and i wrote this " song " or.. " Piece " i dont really know what to call it. i think it went out pretty good, even thought it's kinda simpel to play..
but i cant get any future with it, so im asking for help, like.. continue on the song.. piece.. whatever. Soo.. heres the tabs.


Sorry for the way that i uploaded tabs.. couldnt find out how to add them to the forums without being weird.. so theyre a picture.
Well, it really depends on what you wanna do with the song so it's ultimately up to you. Also if you know your theory it can help in these situations when you get stuck.
Anyways, here's what I would do (although I'm no master at songwriting by any means..):
After that last C# powerchord thing, I would slide up to a D powerchord to resolve the tension a little bit I would struck that chord one time and let it ring out for a bar or something (tabs for the chord: 10-12-0-x-x-x). Then I would begin each bar with an open fourth string (D) and do some quick soloing phrases on the high e and b strings using the D major scale mostly, I would maybe create a kind of "theme" with the licks. Then after a while I would start playing the open 4th string at quarter notes instead of just at the beginning of the bar to kinda increase the energy, I would probably play the same riff/lick on the higher strings though. Then I'd go from there.

Or you could do something completely different it's all up to you that's the beauty of songwriting, there's no right or wrong, just follow your ear.
Well, i know that.. and my theory? well, i think its fine. it can always get better,
- But thanks, ima try that.. d;
also gonna talk with my guitar teacher, and my mate " me and him are playing together.. " , about it,
But could you send me a exampel on tabs or something ? d ;
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You could put some chords under it while continuing the riff and then come in with a little solo or something that uses/introduces the melody and then stem from there with more riffs.
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