Thom Yorke does it a bit, like here at 2:28 when he does the long high note


But I've seen a lot of singers do this, does it do anything specifically for the voice? I'd imagine it's some kind of crutch, or are they just making sure their throat muscles aren't tensing up or something?

any ideas?
its just trying to make himself look good on stage...epicly failed at it

or he's trying to strangle himself...also, epicly failing at it
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looks to me like he just has no where to put his hand, so he just kinda grabs his shirt. Don't take my word for it.. I'm no singer by any means, I'll do the world a favor and never try to be either!
Well I think it's a sort of technique - he's just "playing a character" to get to that high note. Obviously it's harder than the rest of the notes, and lots of singers employ "poses" for them. I think it just helps him mentally get/hold the specific note.
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