hi guys
thanks for entering my thread

i'm a new guitarist,i ve been playing for about 2-3 years now

i just bought a new squier stratocaster,it sound pretty nice
but i wonder how could i make it sound more jazzy(like george benson's )
i mean to make it sound deeper and heavier

i'm a newbie in electric guitars so please understand if the question is stupid or it's impossible to do..

it has to do with eq, try using the middle pick up roll the tone knob down a little bit.
Amp wise try with bass at 6, mid at 7, and treble at 5 although it depends on your amp, try playing around with it till you get the tone you're looking for
I usually roll my treble down even more (nearly all the way down) with the mid knob at about 5/6 o' clock and the bass knob around 12 o' clock

For an even jazzier tone you could add some reverb and play with your fingers (I know Benson usually uses his pick, but the man has a semi-hollow with what I believe are humbucking pickups). Keep in mind that your guitar won't really sound "jazzy" unless you play jazzy licks (you know, sliding with octaves, playing offbeat, etc.). The real work is still meant to be done by your fingers

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neck pickup = on
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I use .13s on my Telecaster with the nut sanded a little bit, and it produces a thicker and warmer tone. Especially with the neck pickup selected. Sounds so nice.
The idea of a set jazz sounds seems fundamentally un-jazzy.

Just sayin'.
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The idea of a set jazz sounds seems fundamentally un-jazzy.

Just sayin'.

Indeed, but that is the big paradox of the jazz world. It tries to defy categorization, but I know tons of diehard jazz fans (jazzholes, as I call them) who get all pissy when you call something jazz that doesn't meet their requirements.

For a stereotypical jazz guitar sound, roll the tone knob down, use the neck or middle pick up, and get thicker strings. As for the amp, I always try to keep it pretty balanced. Bass and mids around 6 or 7, treble at 4.5-5
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