Hey guys, lately I've been looking into a couple of different amps, and theres a few different thinks I'm looking for in them. The amps are essentially a Mesa dual rectifier, Engl Powerball, and an H&K switchblade. If anybody has extended knowledge on the Egnater Armageddon that would be fantastic too.

I definitely want good cleans, a lot of headroom, not muddy, pretty modern sounding.

A soaring lead sound, smooth with not alot of breakup but still a lot of gain is a priority too. A lot of general gain versatility, so that I'm not pigeonholed into, gain all the way up or the amps sounds, weak, and in some cases almost broken..

Also without a doubt, the most important, for my bands sake. It needs to be able to do modern metal sounds well. Similar to the mesa dual rec, but I want to avoid actually getting a dual rec unless I really have to lol..

Handles an overdrive pedal pretty well.

Reliability-the amp needs to be able to hold up.

Also I might be a little off with the prices, but if I remember correctly, the Mesa is about $2000, the Engl is about $2000, the egnater is about $1400 and the H&K like $1300?

If any of you guys have suggestions, those would be great as well.

Thanks in advance!
i'd get the switchblade. i had a dual rect and it did the "mesa sound" really well but i couldnt get many other good tones out of it (could've been just me though)
Nah I don't think it's just you, thats what I really hate about the mesa.

And I was leaning towards the switchblade a ton, but I just need to know, because I've heard about some reliability issues.. Is it more then with any other tube amp, or are people just complaining about the nature of the amp?